New Delhi, India: Pakistani Hamdard has offered to supply RoohAfza in India after ‘The Print’ reported shortage of the drink in summers especially during the Muslim holy month of Ramzan.

Screen-grab of RoohAfza’s advertisement.

Reacting to an article by The Print, Hamdard Pakistan Chief Executive Usama Qureshi has offered to supply the popular RoohAfza drink to India via the Wagah border.

In a tweet, he said: “We can supply RoohAfza and RoohAfzaGO to India during this Ramzan. We can easily send trucks through Wagah border if permitted by Indian Government.”

The article said RoohAfza has been off the market in India for four to five months now, and is not available at online stores as well.

It also said that while Hamdard India did not put out any official word about it, it tried blaming the stopping of production on shortage of ‘raw material’.

However, according to a source, why we’re not able to see Indian RoohAfza in market has to do with a ‘family dispute’.

The first reply Usma Qureshi gave after reading the article on Indian news website was this:

“Pakistani @Hamdard_PK is growing by leaps and bounds, having given a production licence in Bangladesh and dominating global exports of RoohAfza. It has even launched a carbonated version of RoohAfza in Pakistan, called RoohAfza Go via @ThePrintIndia”

Here’s the first look of RoohAhza Go, a carbonated version of the traditionally sold RoohAfza.

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