Ecommerce and homemakers are a match made in heaven! It has given rise to a growing number of women taking a leap into entrepreneurial projects even from remote corners of India and Ritu Kaushik, is one such example, who built a successful business through Flipkart.

Ritu Kaushik

Maine apne shauk ko hi apna business bana liya (I turned my passion into my business)”

says Ritu, for whom this was a risk and a new adventure.

The story of Ritu Kaushik is encouraging and motivating as she doesn’t hail from a metropolitan or 1-tier city that offers a multitude of opportunities to people and especially women. She is from a village known as Sonipat, Haryana.

The number of women sellers on Flipkart are on a rise, ever wondered why?
In 2018, women entrepreneurs across India accounted for 10 percent of the total number of sellers on the Indian online retail company, Flipkart.

For 31-year-old Ritu, handbags are love. One fine day in 2016, she began selling the self-designed collection of handbags under her brand Ritupal Collections on Flipkart.

Ritu, who is the monthly earner of Rs 8 Lakh via Flipkart, is among a host of women who have pursued their passion. And sadly, passion is still not an option in India for women.

Such chances enable women in transforming themselves from housewives to top sellers and entrepreneurs.

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