New Delhi, India: Jet Airways suspended all their domestic and international flights immediately due to financial problems.

Jet Airways has suspended all the flights.

In the recent past, Jet Airways has been in the news for many reasons and of most, the financial problem was the major reason.

Finally, on Wednesday the company announced on their official Twitter account that they will suspend all the domestic and international flights immediately.

The tweet that is captioned, “With deep sadness and a heavy heart we would like to share that, effective immediately, we will be suspending all our domestic and international flight operations.”

The announcement evoked all kinds of emotions among the frequent fliers of the airline.

As per a report by PTI, erstwhile liquor tycoon, well known as the “King Of Good Times” Vijay Mallya, who counts as one of India’s fugitive businessman who has also fled to London on Wednesday took to social media, this time to express his solidarity with Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal.

He said, “Even though Jet was a major competitor to Kingfisher at the time, I feel sorry to see such a large private airline on the brink of failure when the government used Rs 35,000 crore of public funds to bail out Air India. Just being a PSU is no excuse for discrimination,” Mallya tweeted have offered to pay back 100% but am being criminally charged instead Airline Karma?”

The UB Group chief expressed his sympathy for the troubles being faced by Goyal and his wife Neeta “Even though we were fierce competitors, my sympathies go out to Naresh and Neeta Goyal, who built Jet Airways, that India should be extremely proud of Fine airline providing vital connectivity and class service. Sad that so many airlines have bitten the dust in India Why?” Mallya asked.

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