Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh: Major revelations she made while giving media interviews. Here’s what you should know too!

Image Source: HT

Hansika Shukla, who topped the Class 12 CBSE board exam in the country on Thursday said, “I couldn’t believe it when my mother called me up to congratulate me for having topped the exams in the country.”

In an interview to ABP news, Hansika said that she was at home when the results were announced.

“My father called me from his office, but I couldn’t take his call. Then my mother called and congratulated me and told me that I had topped the exams. I couldn’t believe it,” she told ABP news.

What are some of the things you don’t know about her?

Hansika’s mother is an associate professor at a college in Ghaziabad and her father works as a secretary in the Rajya Sabha.

Hansika is a student of DPS Ghaziabad.

She says Psychology is her passion and she wants to follow it.

She wants to join the Indian Foreign Services (IFS) as she is fascinated with the dynamics of foreign affairs.

Even in CBSE 12th examinations of 2018, Meghna Srivastava from Ghaziabad emerged as the national topper with 499 marks out of 500. Hansika is subsequent Ghaziabadi (Hansika) to bag the trophy this year!

It was only English in which she scored 99. The rest of the subjects – History, Political Science, Psychology and Hindustani vocals, she scored a complete 100.

Hansika believes in self-study at all times and didn’t opt for coaching or tuitions throughout the year for boards.

Hansika’s teacher Abhilasha said that she was a very hard working child and the results didn’t surprise her. “She has performed meticulously in the internals as well. She is a very disciplined child. We expected her to be topper,” said Hansika’s teacher Abhilasha.

“I was always interested in History. History and political science always go hand in hand,” she said.

Hansika said that she just wanted to study the subject. She stressed very little on examination as much as she did on studying the subjects to satiate her intellectual self.

Hansika also said that she wasn’t very active on social media and whenever she got bored while studying, she would, instead, prefer to listen to music.

“I listen to classical music and a little bit of Bollywood and English songs to relax at times,” she said.

“I am a sports enthusiast. At times, I would watch sports videos like those of badminton, gymnastics, etc. I would also go out for some time to play a little. But I left that in the last two-three months before the exams,” she said.

Love for paneer amongst kids and elderly is no surprise and Hansika loves an authentic paneer dish. However, she admitted that fast food makes very little of her diet.

Hansika gives full credit of her accomplishments to her parents. She said, “They have always motivated and supported her.”

“My mom is strict, and always kept me focused. My father isn’t that strict, but he kept me positively motivated and would always tell me to keep up with the notes in the classroom,” she said.

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