If you have made tattoos on your body then you may find it difficult to get a job in the Indian Air Force. The Delhi High Court has upheld the Air Force’s decision, in which the appointment of a person appointed to the post of Airman was canceled because he had made a tattoo on his arm which can never be erased or removed. Indian Air Force permits some special tattoos. He also gives tributes to tattoos made according to their customs and traditions.

However, the bench of Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Rekha Patil said that the tattoo made on the body of the candidate does not come under the ambit of the concessions offered by the Air Force and even submitted the photograph of his Tattoo while submitting his application while the Air Force Instructions issued in this behalf were given in this regard. The Air Force’s counsel clarified that permanent tattoos on the body in the lower part of the arm, the back of the arm or the lower part of the palm are allowed. Apart from this, tattooed tribal candidates are permitted only for tattoos that have been made according to their customs and traditions.

She said that the selection committee has the right to decide on acceptance or acceptance of the candidate. The petitioner had challenged the Air Force’s decision to cancel his appointment on the post of Airman, when he had issued an appointment letter to him. In a certificate submitted from him, he had given information that he has a tattoo on his body and it is not as if he has hidden something from the officials. However, the bench declined the application and said that the tattoo made on the petitioner’s body does not come under the scope of the concessions given in the advertisement, and that is why we can not find any flaw in the order to cancel his appointment.

The court said that in December 2017, the cancellation of his appointment can not be done on the fine officers, because he had failed to submit his tattoo photograph at that time. The petitioner had applied for Airman’s post in the Air Force on September 29, 2016 and after passing the written and physical examination in February 2017, he was called for a medical examination. She¬†also got passed in medical examination In November last year, she was issued an appointment letter and was asked to report on December 24, 2017. On the next day of reporting to the officials, she was given a letter to cancel the appointment. The letter said that due to permanent tattoos made on his body, selection in the Armed Forces can not be allowed.