For better health  one should watch horror movies from Hollywood not from Bollywood because who wants unwanted songs and love making scene in horror movie but  few facts watching horror movie can be great for your health too. Lets see some reason to watch horror movies for better health.

Because it can burn nearly 200 calories at a time.

Why to go gym then if watching movie can burnt 200 calories at a time because at the end its all about calories. Nothing much to worry about, as watching 90 minutes of horror movie can use up as much as 113 calories. FYI, this is equivalent to the amount of calories in a chocolate bar, or that burned during a 30-minute walk.

Because it can help you cope with anxiety.

Better than relationship anxiety what you say ? When horror movies can cope with anxiety who need drama from any of relationship. When we watch horror films, a ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered in our brains which pumps up adrenaline, glucose, and cortisol in our bodies. We watch horror films voluntarily and thus feel safe compared to the real world dangers.

 Because it boosts your immune system.

If horror movie can increase my immune system my top list of search thing will be filled with horror stuffs only. When we watch horror movies, we experience an adrenaline rush in our bodies which in turn mobilizes our immune system. A study showed that after watching a horror movie, both men and women saw an increase in their white blood cells’ activity.

Because it is good for your relationship.

Now you know exactly what to do when your relationships is not working well i suggest  watch horror movies might be its will more horrific then your relationship ? When we are scared our brains release feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. These are the same hormones that get activated when we fall for someone. And not to forget the oldest trick of watching a horror movie holding someone tight.

 Because it can stimulate and trigger your DNA.

Our current environment doesn’t prepare us to deal with extreme situations. But deep within our DNAs we have that urge to act, and watching horror movies aggravates it.

I think watching horror movies is like win win situation for anyone yes if again its Bollywood horror I dont know which situation you will be in might be comedy think before you watch because this time  its the story of NUN.

Anmol Singh Chawla