Prime Minister’s article printed in 27 newspapers from 10 countries, PM Modi created history. Jan, 26 2018  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s article was published today in 27 newspapers of 10 countries of ASEAN countries. new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote an article in different newspapers of ASEAN countries which has been published together today. These articles have been published in 27 newspapers in 10 languages ​​of ASEAN countries. In which Modi has said that the relationship between India and ASEAN has become a strategic partner ahead of the negotiating partners.

This is not a normal phenomenon

In this he said that the presence of the leaders of 10 ASEAN countries on Rajpath on the occasion of Republic Day is a symbol of unprecedented wish on their part. This is not a common occurrence. It is a landmark milestone in the remarkable journey of 190 million people, which is a partnership with India and ASEAN.

ASEAN and India are now strategic partners

He has further written that, just a couple of decades ago, India had opened its doors for changes in global tactics, and with the instinctive trend it turned east. He said, over time, ASEAN and India have become strategic partners only with the negotiating partner. Our diplomatic, economic and security partnership is increasing with every ASEAN member.