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Raw coffee beans are green in colour that further go through a roasting process. It is because of the roasting that beans turn brown coloured. And nowdays, people are preferring a warm green cup of coffee over the regular one. We bring you reasons why people have chosen the mindful cup of caffeine over a regular one. 

‘Cherries’ are fruits from coffee plant that have seeds inside them, essentially known as coffee beans. The coffee plant is known as ‘Coffea’ that belongs from the Rubiaceae family which is a botanical plant and has more than 6,500 species of it. All of them are economically significant, but 2 species account for most of the coffee production and hence, we have Arabica and Robusta. 

Coffee Roasting 

At the time of harvesting, coffee beans are green in colour and a hard-shell. These beans have many layers inside them that only soften up after roasting. So, our green-unroasted coffee is neither brown nor soft enough to turn fine grained. Though, many brands have come up with powdered versions of it as tea bags or saches for better convenience of their customers. 

Fun fact, there are degrees for roasting beans and people prefer their favorites. So, if you’re somebody who likes their coffee dark-brown then you prefer a ‘dark roast’ that’s followed by ‘medium-dark roast’, ‘medium roast’ and ‘light roast’.  

All in all, Green Coffee neither smell nor taste anything like the regular one and have a taste very similar to peas – earthy and mild sweet. The roasting process also takes away all healthy qualities from the coffee. 


Yes, the industry allures customers with their weight loss tricks, but this hippie cup is spreading like wildfire in stores and supermarkets. So yes, people are definitely trying out the new thing! And being another entry into the never-ending list of green beverages, it certainly has made an impact on those who prefer their beverages light and healthy. It comes with promising benefits that any beverage can possibly have. 


Being quite rich in antioxidants, it’s the perfect detoxification drink that will cleanse your liver from toxins and bad cholesterol. This is a bonus point as ultimately, it will also result in fat reduction. You will also be able to fight baldness and hair loss because it promotes blood circulation in the body. 

Chlorogenic Acid 

It also guarantees to boost metabolism and curb your appetite because of ‘chlorogenic acid’ which is a natural diet suppressant. It’s said that the best time to consume it is after meals, when blood sugar levels are spiked up so, the coffee can regulate that glucose in your body. 

Weight Loss 

Though, truth remains the same for those who want to lose their weight with the help of this drink that there’s no magic pill. Experts suggest that if you consume a simple and nutrient-rich diet, only then you’ll be able to feel the difference.

Story by Hemali Khanna

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