With a great camera quality in phones nowadays, the craze of photography has increased in people from all age groups! Especially since the front camera took place in the phone, selfie has become an addiction. Today there are many smartphones available in the market, which can be used for good photography. But when it comes to wedding photography, people usually prefers professional cameras.

The trend of wedding photography, and Pre-wedding photoshoots is being popular among young couples these days. The would be bride and groom always look towards the life with refreshed hope and excitement. This is especially true for couples going to the tie the knot soon. Those couples getting married in upcoming year, start researching about wedding photography trends!

They always look for unique and new ideas for their photoshoots. Plus, photographers of Bhopal is preferring wedding photography over fashion photography as their profession. Disha News talked with one of the wedding and fashion photographer of Bhopal..
John Dicona, owner of Sahara wedding photography in Bhopal, is an architect of modern wedding photography, he loves capturing the real moments, and clicks pictures brilliantly. As the craze of marriage photography among youngsters and the will of choosing photography as a career is increasing, Disha News talked with one of the well known photographer of Bhopal and asked him about latter. Find out what he says!

Why did you choose wedding photography over fashion photography?
I started my journey with fashion photography only, but wedding photography is something that I love the most. It memorizes, what for many is the happiest day of their lives. Capturing irreplaceable moments and translating them into pictures is both a learner skill and an art form.

It deals with a great responsibility inherent in producing photographs commemorating the once-in-a-lifetime experience which is enormous. But then so are the rewards. To be sure, generations will treasure your art form. That’s why I love it.
Is Pre-wedding photoshoot a choice of Bhopalies?
Yes, absolutely! This is one trends​ they find interesting because it has an array of benefits. This trend is basically adopted from western marriages and is getting popular among young couples of Bhopal. They like to get dressed in beautiful attires and pictured in beautiful frames.
One more trends we are seeing in wedding photography in 2018 is “teasers.” A lot of photographers post teasers of wedding function. Couples of Bhopal, now wants their photographers to post 11-12 fully edited images after the wedding, but before the night is over. Many wedding photographers, including myself, post teasers.
For What new young couples demand nowadays?
Yes, They always demand for photojournalistic coverage. Many couples say to me, “We do not want posed pictures, we want photojournalistic pictures that capture the moments.”
Basically, they want photographs with absolutely no direction or interference from the photographer, and not the dramatic ones. They simply like to get clicked in the shadows and take photos of what’s taking place in front of them.
However, many of the couples I work with, tell me that they want flattering photos that make them look great.
What are the educational requirements to be a photographer?
As far as I concern, Pointing a camera and pushing a button are not the only skills needed for a being a professional photographer. Specially, When it comes to wedding photography, talent and a proper education are very much essential. A basic photography education is must for students to learn all different aspects of professional photography, including proper lighting and posing techniques.
Aspiring wedding photographers may either earn a degree in photography or work as an intern for photography companies. This way, they can learn a lot.

What are the “don’ts” in Wedding photography? 

  • Many people uses plastic made things on the Mandap which makes it look filthy and cheap. Their colour is unnatural and their texture in photographs stand out odd. Using brass/silver makes your traditional wedding stage top notch and classy.
  • Cleaning up the stage and constantly keeping an eye out on the aesthetic look of the wedding stage is a pretty difficult task. Try to avoid plastic bags, cardboard boxes, empty bags etc. These small things matter a lot for photos. Let them not ruin your wedding pictures!

How was your journey as a Photographer? 

It was not so easy. I worked hard to gain more and more experience and learn. There were a lot of ups and downs. But I didn’t loose the hope. When it’s about my work, I hate excuses. My family supported me throughout the journey, and there is still a very  long way to  go. I just Iove photography and for me, doing my job is like worshipping God.