Excess of using Mobile Phone

There is hardly any such time when mobile is not in your hand. Too much mobile use is a sign of danger for skin health. The truth is that on the touchscreen of our phone there are so many bacteria that are not even in the toilet seat. When you are in touch with the phone on a daily basis, you may get affected with skin infection even when you do not want to. To avoid this, clean your phone with anti-bacterial wipes once a week regularly. You Can clean the phone with a clean cloth.

Bad Food Habits!

To keep the skin beautiful, nutrition-rich diet is also needed in addition to external care. The truth is that the amount of beauty that is contributed to refining the skin is more important than the balanced diet. When you ignore nutritious elements in your diet, its direct effect falls on your skin. Irregular eating habits like eating too much oily food, eating more sugar and eating junk food spoil your skin health. If you want your skin to glow, include regular green leaves vegetables, salads, seasonal fruits, fresh juices and sprouts in your diet. Also drink green tea.

Sleeping on a Dirty Dusty Bed

In addition to your daily routine, eating and drinking habits, your bed also has an important contribution to your skin’s health and spoilage. If you use the sheets and pillows to sleep, if it is not clean then your face will not be late for a while. The truth is that your face comes in contact with pillows and sheets while sleeping. At this time you are most relaxed. While we are asleep, new cells are being created in the body at the same time. If your bed cover and pillow cover is dirty, then its effect will fall on your skin. It is very important for the beauty of skin that you should take special care of cleaning your bed sheets and pillows. Change the cover of sheets and cushions at least once a week for a beautiful face.