The National Livelihood Mission (Rural) in the state has communicated the spirit of self-reliance among every age group of women. With help and guidance of this mission, women are doing a better job by establishing a resplendent business in villages. Rural women are becoming the economic power of the family. Kanu from Jhabua district, Panchavati Rawat from Sidhi district, Kausabai from Ashoknagar district, Pawan Kala from Dewas district and Ambika from Balaghat district are the live evidence.

Mother and son became millionaire from livelihood: Small savings made by Pawan Kala of village Mirezal of Khatagaon in Dewas district led them to the livelihood mission. Following the mission’s 12 sources, Pawan Kala has become a successful business woman. Taking loans from the group, she runs a small grocery store in the village and has started the flour mill for his disabled son. Mother and son, both are earning an average of 400 to 500 rupees per day. Their annual income is estimated to be one lakh 36 thousand rupees.
Kanubai’s annual income was Rs 3 lakh: Kanubai and husband Lalu from village Sutaretti in Jhabua district were raising four children and were dependent on two and a half acres of farming land. After the livelihood mission started in the village Kanubai became a member of a group and took a loan of 45 thousand rupees in three installments. She started to produce flowers and vegetables in the fields. Now they are earning Rs 400 to Rs 500 per day. Kanubai couple has bought a buffalo and started doing business of vegetable and milk. Now the annual income of this family has gone upto 3 lakh rupees.

Panchavati Rawat became District’s Pad-Woman: Panchavati Rawat, from Barigaon Post Lakoda in Sidhi district is being popular as “Pad-Woman”. Panchavati Rawat, joined the livelihood mission, formed the Sharada Self-Help Group and started the farming house and grocery store in the village by taking loans even after a financial crisis. After joining the Sanitary Napkin building for women in the livelihood mission, Panchavati is earning 6 to 8 thousand rupees per month and 6 to 7 thousand rupees from the grocery store.

The prosperity of the life of the Kausabai group: Kausabai is from village Kolua, Ashoknagar district. She was raising the family like ordinary rural women. After joining the livelihood group, the lives of other women of the group, including Kausabai is changed. Self-help group chairman Kausa Bai and secretary Ramsuki started regular savings. Her Durga Self-help group has 10 female members. After grading the group, a loan of one lakh 48 thousand 794 rupees for self-employment was received from the Oriental Bank of Commerce. The raw material was made available to the group by district panchayat to make soap. The group’s women have strengthened their economic status with soap manufacturing. Sandalwood, aloe vera and Rose brand bath soaps are made by women in the group. The cost of a soap is 20 rupees. Women get 4 rupees remuneration for making a soap. The fate of the group of the women has changed by joining the livelihood.

Ambika’s family: happy with the cultivation of flowers: village Kumhari is about 8 km from Lamta-Nainpur road in Balaghat district. In this village, the family of Dwarka Prasad has 8 acres of farming, but cultivating paddy in conventional manner harassed them. The new daughter-in-law Ambika, who came to the family, encouraged her mother-in-law, her husband and Jeth for cultivation of flowers. Today the whole village is amazed with the prosperity of this family.
Dwarka Prasad told that his entire family is getting work from the cultivation of flowers. As soon as they sit at home, they get an order to decoration of flowers, to decorate the stages with a floral look and to go to the weddings for decoration. After the wedding season, the buyers of flowers and merchants arrive home. In the one acre area, they cost 15-20 thousand rupees in the cultivation of millets, gladias and daisies and on average, 30 thousand rupees per month is earned by them. All members of Ambika’s family are happy with the cultivation of flowers. Old mother-in-law also makes necklaces of the flowers with their grandchildren.
Success Story (Dewas, Jhabua, Sidhi, Balaghat, Ashok Nagar)