A girl in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan has done a splendid job. The daughter of Mewat area of ​​Bharatpur district has not only made Mewat people proud but also has offered a great example to all the girls of Mewat who believe that work of girls outside is restricted. We are talking about the youngest and Mewat’s MBBS daughter Shahnaz who has become a Sarpanch of Kaunma village with her strong determination and hard work.

Wanted to be a doctor since childhood

This 24 years old MBBS girl had decided her goal of life when she was a kid. When she used to roam in the village, she noticed the lack of facilities and need of doctors in her area. In that moment itself, she pledged to help people of her area where women were shy to get out of the house.

She belongs to a family with political background

Her ancestors have been in politics from decades. Shahnaz’s grandfather Haneef has been the Sarpanch of their village for nearly 55 years.