Forbes India has issued a list of 30 rich Indians under 30 years of age. This list of Forbes includes the names of 30 celebrities including sculptor Sahil Nayak, Kshitij Marwa, Ranjan Bordoli, Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, Himesh Singh and Rohit Ramasubramanian, Jaspreet Bumrah and Land Pedenkar.

Forbes made this list keeping 15 categories in mind. Art and culture, design, e-commerce, entertainment, fashion music, entertainment, arts, engineering, education, medical are the main categories of this list.

After the three-stage research process, Forbes India has selected the name of these Indian rich under the age of 30. In the first phase, the Forbes India team interviewed all the people related to categories. Simultaneously, the entire study of these people’s databases and media coverage related to them. In the second phase, applied for enrollment of Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Then the information was broadcast on social media.

Following this process, Forbes India has a list of 300 names in 15 categories. In the last phase, 30 names out of these 300 names were elected. All persons included in this list are under 30 years of age till 31 December 2017.

1.Sahil Naik (Art category)
26 year old Sahil Naik is a famous sculptor who grew up in Ponda, Goa. Today, the art used by Nike to build the idol is rooted in his childhood. The childhood experience today is clearly seen in his art. Nike’s art is silent for politics, horrifying aspects of human life including terror. He achieved a master’s degree from Baroda’s MS University. Nike has won many awards.

2. Scrub Marwa (Design Category) The
29-year Design Innovator Horizon has developed the world’s first holographic AR headset that works with smartphones. He is Founder and Ticker-in-Chief of Tirt Inc. of MIT. In the year 2012, he started the MIT Media Lab India Initiative.

3. Ranjan Bordolo (Design Category)
, 27-year-old Ranjan Bordoli, who is affiliated with Guwahati, is the founder and creative director of Studios Bordoloi. Ranjan did a course in furniture and interior design from IIT Guwahati. In October, at the Red Dot Awards, Bordoloi was the only Indian to win two awards, including Best of the Best in Furniture category. His collection ‘Pitoloi’ included small stools and barstools.

4. Gaurav Munjal, Romane Saini, Himesh Singh (Ecommerce category)
Gaurav Munjal (27 years), Romane Saini (26 years), Himesh Singh (25 years) is a co-founder of Uned Kadam. During the engineering studies in Mumbai in 2010, Gaurav Mumjal started uploading short video tutorials on computer graphics. After this, he also started the channel named Unadexmi on the video sharing platform which his friend could access the tutorial too. After the positive response, he also added his friend Roman saini to Jaipur. Saini cracked the IAS exam in 2013. In 2015, he left his job and set up the sorting hat technologies zones, which Munjal and Himesh Singh founded in September 2015.

This list is written in the Ecommerce category of Rohit Ramasubramanian, Karan Gupta, Himesh Joshi, Erica Gupta (Ecommerce category), Rohit Ramasubramanian (27 years), Karan Gupta (28 years), Himesh Joshi (29 years), Arjit Gupta (29 years) Has been included in. All these are co-founders of the Jeffo Company. Rohit, Karan and Himesh were colleagues at the Boston Consulting Group located in Mumbai. He launched Jeffo in August 2015 to sell the stuff used with Joshi’s friend, Arjit Gupta.

6. Bhoomi Pedenekar (Entertainment)
Bollywood Actress Land Pedenekar made his mark in Maya city in a short span of his strong acting. The 28-year-old actress started her career in 2015 with the film ‘Dum Lagna Hishha’. In 2017, lots of discussions were also done through ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ and ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhaan’ films.

7. Vicky Kaushal (Entertainment)
Film actor Mansi, famous actor Vicky Kaushal has also been included in this list. He has received many awards for the film Masan. In addition, he also worked in successful films such as Slumdog Millionaire, 3 Idiots and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

8. Mithila Palkar,
24-year-old Mithila Palkar has a well-known face in the world of YouTube. In a small role, she appeared in Imran Khan and Kangna Ranaut’s Katti Batti. Now with Mithila Irrfan Khan and Talwinder Salman, the film will be seen in ‘Caravan’.

9. Elaine Alexander is
the Founder and Creative Director of Caulic (Fashion) 29 year old Elaine Colic. Ellen studied Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, her trend was not in the engineering world. At the age of 21, she went to Paris learning fashion designing. Through its superb designs, Ellen made space in famous shows like Lekmé Fashion Week.

10. Suhani Parekh (fashion)
26 year old Suhani Mishosh is the founder and creative director of the company. Although Suhani took the training of sculptor at the University of London but his heart did not stay here. She used to think of her creativity in the fashion world. Parekh started a company called Misho in 2016 and this company has made its tremendous identity in a short span of time. In March 2016, she won the Greggia Young Fashion Award, Elle Graduate Award and Elle Style Award in January 2017.

11. These four people , named Abhinav Pathak, Saket BSV, Yogesh Nathurle, Satya Narayan – Abhinav Pathak, Saket BSV, Satya Narayan and Yogesh Nathurale, are co-founders of Schedule 1 Pay. He has created an app that does not have to be used by the customers at the counter of billing. With their app, customers can easily scan their luggage in grocery cart and direct them from their smart phones.

12. Aditya Sharma – Aditya Sharma,  29, is a founder of partner, McKinsey & Company. These are also an emerging corporate leader. He has done his studies from IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad. Aditya has lead multiple teams in his career and has helped many clients.

13. Chirag Chhejar – Chirag, 29, is a co -owner of Burma Burma. The whole business world is very excited about the lamp of Burma Burma. Their wage, no-alcohol restaurant is doing a very good business in the business world. This restaurant has brushes in 3 cities (Mumbai, Gururgram and Delhi). Chirag took this restaurant to a height of just 14 months. According to the information, it will soon open its fourth branch in Bangalore.

Chirag Chhejar, Swarath  Bhansali, Satish Kannan, Dipanjali Dalmiya (Health Care), Gautam Bhatia (Law Policy and Politics), Jubin Nautiyal (Music), Amit Agarwal, Karan Rastogi (NGO-Entrepreneurship), Janhavi Joshi, Nupura Kirloskar (NGO-Entrepreneurship), Rohan M Ganapati, Yashis Karanam (Cinex and Green Tech), Monaj Meena, Sibbat Das (Saines and Green Tech), Vidyut Atre, Sanjeev Bernwal (Cine Media, Mobile Tech and Communication), Pawan Gupta, Nipun Goyal, Vijayvargiya (Cinex Media, Mobile Tech and Communication), Jaspreet Bumrah (cricketer), Harmanpreet Kaur (cricketer), Savita Punia (Sports), Hina Sidhu (Sports), Tarun Mehta, Swapnil Jain (Technology) are also listed in the Forbes magazine.