Ahmedabad. PM Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Ahmedabad reached the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram after finishing the road show. Here, both of them paid tribute to Bapu, after which Netanyahu ran the spinning wheel. After this, PM Modi told them things related to Bapu’s life and both of them sat down for some time outside the ashram.

After this Israeli PM also enjoyed the kite flying together with PM Modi.

From this, the two started road show from the airport to Gandhi Ashram. At 8 km, this roadshow has been decorated with 50 platforms on the road for the entire road show, which has a wide variety of cultural glimpses to welcome Netanyahu. From this roadshow airport, as the Army Camp Duffna and Riverfront, these leaders reach the Gandhi Ashram.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who came to India on a tour, accompanied his wife on Wednesday to PM Modi’s home state Gujarat. In addition to PM Modi at Ahmedabad Airport, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani gave a grand welcome among his traditional dance and passion.

From airport to Gandhi Ashram, the artists from different states of the country welcomed the two leaders through their art.

Both the leaders from the Gandhi Ashram will go to the IIT CREATE campus made by the state government and the people’s participation. Here, he will be honored by the novelists who do a lot of work in the field of technology and innovation. From here he will go to Prantish of North Gujarat where he will be attending the Festival of the famous center.