When the country was not free, at that time the identity of India in the world was due to Hockey and Major Dhyanchand.

He has always been the inspiration of the country, but since the country’s independence, Major Dhyanchand and hockey has always been neglected. The governments of the country did not pay attention. Not awarding him as Bharat Ratna is a political conspiracy. These things came in light on Thursday in Aligarh, the son of Major Dhyanchand and Arjun Awardee Olympian Ashok Dhyanchand said. He accused all the governments of discrimination and said that they should have been given Bharat Ratna long ago. Ashok Dhyanchand came to Aligarh to take stock of preparations with other members of the committee for organizing women’s hockey competition under ‘Beti Bachao, beti Padhao’, ┬áMajor Dhyanchand, who is called Hockey Champion, has been famous all over the world for his game. Equally, they are also due to the disapproval of Hitler’s offer. The point is, in 1936, during the Berlin Olympic Games, German dictator Hitler offered his highest position in the German army, influenced by his game, but Major Dhyanchand turned him down for his country of India. Although he was awarded Padmabhushan in 1956 and his birthday is celebrated in the country as a Sports Day. Even after this, the governments have not made any special effort to give him Bharat Ratna. Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to recieve Bharat Ratna is also a kind of controversy. However, Sachin Tendulkar can not be held guilty in this regard. Because he has made a lot of name through cricket, but before the announcement of the government giving him Bharat Ratna, definitely he should have thought about the contribution of Dhyanchand and his hockey.