Raipur, Chhattisgarh: An unidentified dead body was found by Dhamtari Police at Gangrel dam on Sunday nearly a week after he was killed, reported TOI.

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Police have arrested three people who had reportedly brutally killed the 25-year-old over a petty dispute at a wedding ceremony. The three
accused including the bride’s brother who was allegedly offended over not being served properly at the wedding, reported TOI in an exclusive story.

According to police, tourists at Gangrel dam were shocked when they came across a man’s decomposed body after foul smell had intervened their trip on Sunday. The body was tied up along with a bag full of rocks floating on water.

Dhamatri Police was soon informed about it and the body was sent for autopsy where it was found that the man had been killed five days back by strangulation. He was also lashed by a heavy object on his head.

During the investigation, the man was identified as 25-year-old Ved Prakash Sahu, a resident Chatuad region. Police told the source that the victim was killed hours after he got into a scuffle with three other men at the wedding function. Police said that Sahu, who was at the wedding held on April 23 in Dhamtari and was attending the reception from groom’s side.

Sahu had complained about the quantity of food served at the wedding to three members of the family from the bride’s side that included the bride’s brother Hitesh and his two friends Khomesh and Deepak.

Sahu had claimed that sufficient food was not served to the groom’s family after which Hitesh and his friends got into a heated argument with Sahu.

However, elder members of the families intervened and settled the issue.

As part of other rituals had to take place the next day and that’s when the four confronted each other again which led to the unfortunate turn of events.

Sahu had walked out to talk over the mobile phone and went towards Gangrel dam where Hitesh and his friends followed him. They were already angered from last night on Sahu for insulting them in front of everyone. The agitation resulted in an attack on Sahu, he was physically assaulted with a rock on his head. He was also strangulated to death after he fell on the ground. They tied his body and threw in the water.

Four days later his body was found after which the three accused were arrested from Raipur.

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