Around 4,000 employees of Uttarakhand’s three power firms have gone on indefinite strike. Since midnight on Monday, under the umbrella of ten separate organizations.

Employees appealed to the public on Sunday to make plans to deal with power outages. Because no electricity department ground workers will be available due to the strike. Employees are on strike because their 14-point demand has not been met by the higher authorities.

Among the demands are the eradication of salary disparities. The introduction of equal pay for equal effort, and allowances. Workers have stated that they will not return to their jobs until the authorities respond to their demands.

The Secretariat Employees Federation, together with Shailendra Dubey, President of the Power Employees Federation of India, has supported the demands of the electricity workers.

Several cities in the state are experiencing long periods of power outages due to protests. A lack of working people at power plants has resulted in great loss to citizens.

Due to the ongoing protest, employees have also refused to work night shifts at power substations and hydroelectric projects. Since 2017, employees have been raising their voices to meet these requests on a regular basis.

They have yet to receive a satisfactory response from the government. Before marching onto the roads, the workers approached the Secretary, energy officials, and the senior officers in the Secretariat.

On Monday a delegation of the employees held a meeting with the Secretary of the power department and then with the Chief Secretary at the state secretariat. However, the meeting was a disappointment because no satisfactory outcome was achieved.

Employees have urged the public to make other arrangements for electricity while the strike continues.