A man passed on and five others supported wounds when a few rough bombs which they were supposedly making went off on Monday night at Rameswarpur-Dakshinpara town in the Beldanga region of Bengal’s Murshidabad area, police said.
The expired was recognized as 45-year-old Yashuddin Sheik.

Nearby townspeople let the police know that Sheik, an occupant of Benadaha town, went to Rameswarpur with his partners on Monday to make what is privately known as ‘attachment bomb’.

After the blast, Sheik’s partners left him at the spot and escaped. “They were subsequently found by the police and taken to emergency clinic,” an official from the Beldanga police headquarters said on state of namelessness.

Sankharab Sarkar, leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Murshidabad south hierarchical region unit, said, “Trinamool Congress has transformed bomb making into a bungalow industry in the region. We have data that the expired worked for the decision party.”

TMC administrator from Beldanga, Hasanuzzaman Sheik, denied the charge.

“It is being claimed that the perished was known to a TMC specialist named Anaj Sheik. This man doesn’t hold any portfolio in our party,” said the administrator.
The Beldanga police headquarters official said, “We have begun a test yet no capture has been made at this point.”