Class 10 students at CBSE-affiliated schools this year will have their results tabled based on their unit testing, half-year assessment, and their respective schools’ pre-board examination. On June 20, the final results are to be revealed.

The score of the pupil in the Unit Test is 10 points, the Mid-Term Test is 30 marks and the Pre-Board Exam is 40 marks. The three elements reflect 80 points cumulatively.

In accordance with the current CBSE policy, the remaining 20 points will be used for the schools’ internal evaluation.

The Board said that most CBSE schools are common to the above 3 categories – unit evaluation, mid-term examination and pre-board testing – and hence the special marking system was used to set. The cancellation of Class 10 Board reviews this year needed this marking policy.

All CBSE schools were directed to form the Principal’s internal results committee and to compile the results with seven teachers. Where a school has performed over one examination or exam in each of the three grades, the Result Committee shall, according to full total marks for that category, be entitled to set the weight of each test/exam in each category.

The school’s results committee has a wiggle space with a threshold for evaluation of 80 points for all other deviations. “There should be a very well-designed, logical explanation for the standards and documentation of how the marks measured by the school have in those cases been decided out of 80.

The Board has told schools, in order to control inflation of results, that marks awarded “shall be consistent” based on the exams conducted this year by the schools.

Schools were required to finalise and report their findings to the Council by 25 May by 5 June. Interior marks of appraisal must be filed by 11 June (out of 20). On 20 June, CBSE will report the results of the Class.

However, Class 12 exams have been delayed and at least 2 Weeks before the commencement of the exams, the Ministry of Education shall revisit the situation on 1 June to decide on new dates and an announcement.