The daughter of an Auto driver from the small village of Pachpahad in the Jalawar region of Rajasthan becomes the city’s first female doctor.

Nazia made her fourth appearance, scoring 668 points at NEET (UG) 2021, and placed at 1759 nationally and 477th in the OBC category.

The 22-year-old attributed many factors to her success, including the training she received at the City Allen Institute and the cycle she received from the state government after grade 9.

After grade 8, Nazia moved to a school in Bhavani Mandi, which was far from their village. It was a bicycle gift that helped him every day on his way to a distant school and allowed him to continue his dream.

Born into a poor and uneducated family, Nazia was supported on her journey to success with a government scholarship, which she won in grades 10 and 12.

It was a grant of one lakh that helped him fund his education in the city.

“The two scholarships by the state government were no less than a boon for me as they paved my way to success,” Nazia told PTI on Friday.

Natives of a village near Bhawani mandi in the Jhalawar district, Nazia’s father Isamuddin is a loading tempo driver and her mother Amina Bi is a housewife, who also works as a daily wage labourer in agricultural fields.

After scoring more than 90 percent in class 12, Nazia enrolled herself at Allen Career Institute, which helped her score 487, 518, 602 marks respectively in her first three attempts at the competitive exam.

Her consistently improving marks encouraged her to give another go at the tough entrance, which she cracked scoring 668 marks the fourth time around.

Impressed by her dedication, the institute granted her 75 percent rebate in fees during her fourth attempt.

“Allen Career Institute is always ready to support talents who have the will to prosper. Nazia has brought laurels to the family and the village,” said Naveen Maheshwari, the institute’s director.

“Such children will later become an example for the region and society and an inspiration for other students. ‘Allen’ will continue to help such children,” he added.