Salman Khan and his brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma, launched the trailer for his upcoming film Antim: The Final Truth. Aayush will portray a gangster in the film, while Salman will play a decent officer. Salman was questioned if he is critical of Aayush or keeps back because he is a family member during the trailer premiere in Mumbai.

Salman replied, “I keep my criticality within myself. Because then it becomes a big critical problem for him at home. He will go and tell Arpita that ‘this is what bhai said’, and then it will all come back to me.”

He went on to add, “But he is a sensible boy, he knows his stuff. He has his brains in the right place, he uses them as well. Padha likha chhokra hai and good at heart, abhi tak toh (he is an educated boy and good at heart, at least till now).”

Aayush talked about the comfort level he has while working with his brother-in-law. “Salman is like my elder brother and mentor. He is an integral part of our family. We go back to him for every small thing. The comfort level is always there to say what you want to him but with respect,” he said.

Mahima Makwana makes her debut opposite Aayush in the film. Antim: The Final Truth is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, produced by Salma Khan and is presented by Salman Khan Films. The film will release in theatres on November 26.

Aayush and Arpita tied the knot in November 2014. They have a five-year-old son Ahil and a two-year-old daughter Ayat. Salman had named Ayat, who was born on his 54th birthday.