Former chief minister Kamal Nath has transformed into the Bollywood movie character Mr India, hence removing him from power is critical, according to former chief minister Sadhvi Uma Bharti, who spoke at a public assembly in Prathvipur constituency on Saturday.

The BJP and the Congress are putting in their best efforts to win all four by-election seats. On October 30, voters will go to the polls in four constituencies, including the state assembly seats of Jobat, Parthvipur, and Raigaon, as well as the parliamentary constituency of Khandwa.

“Then then local Congress MLA Pradhuman Singh Lodhi supported BJP and toppled Kamal Nath government, which remained invisible when it came to working for public welfare,” Uma said. “All development works were stopped in Prathvipur assembly constituency by Kamal Nath government,” she added.

She said BJP believes in development and the state government is committed to developing the area.