MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the power generation through renewable sources in the state was below 500 megawatt in year 2012 which has gone up to 5000 megawatt at present.

He was addressing a function held to sign the power purchase agreement of phase 1 (278 megawatt) of floating solar power plant of 600 megawatt on reservoir of the Omkareshwar dam on river Narmada.

Presently 10 floating solar power plant are there on the globe, Chouhan said.

He said the upcoming solar power plant on reservoir of Omkareshwar dam will be the biggest solar power generation plant.

The decision to have floating solar power plant on reservoir of Omkareshwar Dam was taken due to the stability of the water level in it, he said.

The floating solar power plant will also help to prevent reservoir water from evaporation, he said.

According to an estimate the quantity of water prevented from evaporation will be that much quantity required for supply of drinking water in Bhopal for 124 days, he said.

The state is all set to enhance the solar power production to 20000 megawatt by year 2027, he said. The state government working on the lines of the policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote renewable source of energy including increase solar power generation to bring down carbon emission in the country.