A Black assailant assaulted a Sikh man with a hammer, who yelled at him by saying, “I don’t like you” and “You’re not the same skin” at a hotel in Brooklyn, provoking an unmistakable New York resident put-together support gathering to call concerning specialists to look at if the attack was contempt of bad behavior.

According to the report of the New York Daily News site, Sumit Ahluwalia, 32, of Astoria has said his assailant was fuelled by the behavior of racism.

“The black man attacked me on 26th of April at my workplace, The Quality Inn in Brownsville. The man came into the hall of the inn at around 8 AM and began yelling while a lady of the front work area inquired as to whether he required assistance.” – Sumit Ahluwalia

According to the report, as Sumit Ahluwalia ventured into the lobby to look for the lodging safety officer to talk to the man, the assailant began running towards him quickly, and he put his hand in the pocket and he thought that the man is pulling out a weapon.

The victim while explaining to the man, said, “What went wrong? You’re my brother.”

The suspect retaliated. “You’re not the same skin,” Sumit Ahluwalia then said, that the man hit his head so strongly with the hammer.

According to the report, the attacker then screamed, “I don’t like you,” and escaped. The victim said that he couldn’t feel what happened to him and then he had taken to an emergency room.

The pictures have been posted by the Police, but he is still being searched. Sumit Ahluwalia will receive free legal assistance from the Sikh Coalition’s legal team, according to the organization.

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