According to a Reuters eyewitness, the streets near the United States Capitol and congressional office buildings were closed down with a strong police presence on Friday due to a security threat.

According to AFP, two officers were injured outside the US Capitol when a vehical slammed into the complex’s barricade.

“A suspect has been apprehended. Both officers have been hurt. All three people have been taken to the hospital “The United States Capitol Police Department sent a statement on Twitter.

The incident occurred at a checkpoint outside the Capitol, according to Capitol Police. It comes almost three months after a mob of armed insurgents invaded the Capitol while Congress was deciding on whether or not to certify Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

The White House press secretary, on the other hand, said she was unaware of the situation at the Capitol.

The Capitol buildings were shut down “due to an external security threat,” according to Capitol Police, and staff members were told they couldn’t enter or leave the buildings.

Officers were reacting to a call of a potential shooting on a street outside the Capitol building, according to a law enforcement source. It was uncertain if anybody had been wounded.

The official couldn’t speak about the probe because it was underway, so he talked to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

After the shooting, the US Capitol complex was put on lockdown, and workers were told they couldn’t enter or leave either of the structures.

As the Capitol has begun to open up after the Jan. 6 protests, barriers that stopped vehicular access near the location have recently been lifted.