Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said Sadguru Yogi Vasudev Jaggi has shown the power of the soil of India to the world.

Passing through various countries including Europe, Central Asia, North East, he has given the message of saving soil to the world.

He said that the whole world is one family. Sadhguru has shown a wonderful amalgamation of material and spirituality.

For the welfare of the world, Sadhguru is engaged in a campaign to save soil. Our body is made up of five elements, one of them is soil.

Chouhan said that the fertility of the earth is decreasing. Madhya Pradesh will go step by step with the cooperation of people in Sadhguru’s soil save campaign.

He said that I myself plant saplings every day, in which social organizations are also cooperating. Narmada Seva Yatra was taken out following the path shown by Sadhguru. We have done the work of planting saplings around the Narmada river.

A big tree gives shelter to millions of animals. All living beings have a right on this earth. Our goal is to strengthen the ecosystem by maintaining the natural balance, the CM said.

On cause of soil degradation Sadhguru said since we started a very mechanized and industrialized kind of agriculture, the organic content in the world’s soil has gone down significantly.

For any soil to be agriculturally potent, it must have a minimum organic content of 3 to 6%, but in many parts of the world, it is well below 1%. 62% of India’s soil has less than 0.5% of organic content. Why has this happened? 

When we grow one ton of crop, it means that we have removed one ton of topsoil. What are the means to put it back? We were putting it back naturally when there were animals and trees on the farm because green litter from the trees and animal waste are the only ways to put back organic content into soil.

The people think that a tractor will do the job. A tractor will plow the soil, but it will not enrich the soil as animals and trees would.