The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standards body is mandated by Government of India to create a robust quality Eco System in the Country through its core activities of Standardization and Certification.

Towards this mandate, BIS had started off with the concept of creating Standards Club in Schools and Colleges, wherein the concepts of Standardization and Quality are introduced to the Students at an early age.

The BIS in its first year of 2021-22 established 1037 Standards Clubs across India and upon realizing the potential and success of the novel endeavor, the target is ambitiously enhanced to creating 10,000 clubs by the end of 2022-23.

Through Standards Clubs, BIS aims to expose science students of class 9th and above classes to the concept of Quality and Standardization with the help of student centric activities.

The values children are exposed to, in their formative years get embedded in their young minds and serve as a force multiplier that has the capacity to transform the future of the nation.

Each Standards club comprises of a Science Teacher as its Mentor and a minimum of 15 students as the members.

BIS organizes a two-day residential training for Mentors of Standard club wherein they are introduced to concepts of Standards & Quality, their role and expectation as Mentors and different student centric activities that can be taken up.

As on date nearly 1000 Mentors have been trained. Such schools have also initiated conducting activities under the aegis of Standards club such as Quizzes, Standard writing competitions, essay writing etc.

Student members have also created small videos, scripts, Instagram pages that can promote Standards and its applicability.    

In pursuance to the current target in 2022-23 of opening 10,000 Standards Clubs, BIS is aggressively following up with Schools and Colleges on pan India basis and has already created over 1755 and many more are in its advance stage of approvals. As on date over 43,000 students are members of these Standards clubs.