Hollywood star Daniel Craig has also jumped into the female-James Bond debate. The actor has questioned the necessity for the change up. For years now, fans of the franchise have debated if a lady should be brought in to play Ian Fleming’s famous spy within the movies, as Daniel prepares to hold up his boots after the upcoming No Time To Die. Daniel, however, believes that ladies deserve ‘just as good’ roles to be written for them.

Speaking to Radio Times, Daniel said, “There should simply be better parts for ladies and actors of colour”. He asked: “Why should a girl play James Bond when there should be a component even as good as character, except for a woman?”

Daniel’s co-star from No Time To Die, Lashana Lynch, however, had a distinct opinion. She told The Guardian earlier this month that the subsequent Bond is anyone: a person or woman, a young or adult, from any race. “We are in a very place in time where the industry isn’t just giving audiences what it thinks the audience wants. They’re actually giving the audience what they require to grant the audience. With Bond, it can be a person or woman. they might be white, black, Asian, mixed race. they may be young or old. At the tip of the day, whether or not a two-year-old was playing Bond, everyone would flock to the cinema to work out what this two-year-old’s gonna do, no?” the Captain Marvel star said.

Even Priyanka Chopra had expressed interest in playing the subsequent Bond. When Complex asked her in 2016 if she would play the subsequent Bond girl, she said, “I get that each one the time. But f–k that — I wanna be Bond.”

While a girl may or might not be the following Bond, actors Tom Hardy, Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston are still frequently mentioned among the candidates for the role.

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, the film also stars Lea Seydoux, Rami Malek, Ana de Armas, Ben Whishaw, Naomi Harris, Jeffery Wright, Christoph Waltz, and Ralph Fiennes.

No Time To Die is slated to be released in Indian theatres on September 30.