In Jabalpur, a 20-year-old engineering student committed suicide. She left a suicide note, which was found by police. According to the student(Aditi), a man called Jyotish Dwivedi implicated her in sweet talks. He went too far by luring her into marriage and then blackmailing her with the aid of a recording. I believed him, but he betrayed me. He has to be punished. The boy’s family members have also been accused of bullying her.

On Friday night, the student’s family members arrived at the Adhartaal station and caused a commotion, claiming that there had been no action. According to TI Shailesh Mishra, further steps will be taken after the suicide note is reviewed by a handwriting specialist.

Subhash Patel, a Maharajpur Patel Nagar native, works for GIAF. Savita, his wife, has gone to see her brother.  There was his son named Aditya and daughter named Aditi Patel (20) in the home. Aditi was a student at  Engineering College in Ranjhi. When Subhash arrived home two days ago, Aditi served him dinner. Subhash went to the factory after eating, while Aditya went to the store.

Daughter had hanged herself

As they all came home at night, the daughter had hanged herself. When her friend came to see Aditi late at night, she did not open the door. they even called Aditi’s phone, but she did not answer. later her friends informed Aditi’s father Subhash and brother Aditya. Both of them attempted to open the door. When the door did not unlock, they smashed it and went inside. Aditi was hanging from the ceiling fan. The father-son retrieved Aditi from the loop knot and drove her to the hospital. Where the doctor pronounced her dead.

Suicide note seized by police

After knowing of her death, the police arrived and discovered a suicide note in her room. Aditi wrote in it that she had fallen in love with a young man named Jyotish Dwivedi. s He had a lot of confidence in him, but he played with her emotions. He has mistreated her by luring her into marriage. Later, he began blackmailing her with a series of recordings. The boy’s family members also harassed her. She no longer wishes to live, but Jyotish, who has destroyed her life, must be punished. The Adhartaal police have lodged a report and are investigating the incident.