Patiala Nearly seven days after 42 of 60 councilors of the Patiala city company sent a demand to him communicating their no-certainty, chairman Sanjeev Sharma Bittu has chosen to hold an overall House meeting on November 25 to demonstrate his larger part.

The demand was sent under Section 39 of the Patiala Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, which characterizes the course of evacuation of the civic chairman, the senior delegate city hall leader and the agent chairman. As indicated by the demonstration, the city hall leader can be taken out if 66% (40 needed for this situation) of councilors express no-trust in him/her.

“Practically all House individuals have lost trust in you. Hence, it would be suitable for you to either leave your post on moral grounds or assemble a House conference and demonstrate trust in you according to law,” the order sent on November 18 says.

A protégé of previous boss priest Captain Amarinder Singh, Bittu has been confronting hardened defiance from individual councilors over his nearness with Amarinder. Of the 60 seats in the House, 32 are in Captain’s voting public, 26 in nearby bodies serve Brahm Mohindra’s Patiala (rustic) body electorate and two in Sanaur.

“They presented their demand with me on November 18. According to the Patiala Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, I am needed to hold a gathering 14 days of the demand, however the gathering has been called inside seven days,” the civic chairman said, “I’m ready and will confront the no-certainty movement without dread or stress.”

A senior councilor asserted, “The Patiala civic chairman appreciates certainty of around 18 councilors. His allies have gone underground as they dread terrorizing or something to that affect from the contrary gathering.”