IMD confirmed that the rainfall expected in other North India, including Delhi in the next 3-4 hours.

In New Delhi on Wednesday, the minimum temperature recorded at 10.4 degree Celsius but the rain expected today and the weather will change. India Metrological Department informed that the Rainfall has forecast in Delhi, western UP, and some northern states in the next few hours. Light snowfall in Shimla had changed the weather at the same time. Due to the weather in Western India, snowfall can remain. Due to this, the weather will remain as same for 2 days. And, the temperature will increase after 5th February.

In Delhi, the minimum temperature recorded today is 11 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature was recorded at 28.1 degrees Celsius on Tuesday which is six degrees above normal. Thunderstorm may also occur in unseasonal rain, IMD has given this information.