The CBI has filed a charge sheet against 87 accused in a court in Bhopal in the case of business fraud case. The accused include Laxmikant Sharma former technical minister and his OSD. Former Technical Minister is also accused in the chargesheet filed in the first January.

The CBI filed the case against the large number of irregularities in the contract teacher entrance examination conducted by the Professional Examination Board. CBI had registered two cases against former minister Laxmikant Sharma. The CBI says that the occupation came under the pre-ministerial education and in the past, including the administration’s administration, Pankaj Trivedi, system analyst Nitin Mahendra and others were involved in these disturbances. It was reported that this entrance examination was held on February 19, 2012. During the scrutiny, it was found that among the students who took the exam, 73 of the ORM sheets were filled with disturbances regarding the marks. They had fewer numbers in the examination, but the number in OMR sheet was higher.