After diviners from Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain requested that the clothing standard of the staff on board the Ramayan Express should be changed, the Indian Railways on Monday pulled out their uniform.

They took steps to stop the Ramayan Express at Delhi’s Safdarjung rail route station in case the staff kept on wearing their saffron uniform while serving on the train, saying that it was an affront to the Hindu religion.

“It is to illuminate that the dress of administration staff is totally changed in the appearance of expert clothing of administration staff. Bother caused is lamented,” the Indian Railways said in an assertion, as per PTI.

The Indian Railways said that the staff will currently wear ordinary shirts and pants and conventional headgear. They will, nonetheless, proceed, to wear saffron covers and gloves. The staff on board the Ramayan Express used to wear saffron unfirm with rudraksha dabs and conventional headgear to which the diviners of Ujjain protested.

Ujjain Akhada Parishad’s previous general secretary Avdeshpuri let PTI know that the diviners kept in touch with the rail line serve prior this week communicating their dissatisfaction over the staff’s uniform.

“We composed a letter to the rail line serve two days prior, dwelling our dissent against servers serving rewards and food in the Ramayan Express in saffron. Wearing a saffron clothing with a sadhu-like headgear and wearing malas (accessories) of rudraksha is an affront to the Hindu religion and its soothsayers,” Avdeshpuri was cited as saying by the news office.

He said that the interest for the adjustment of clothing was fundamental for ensuring the Hindu religion. “We will sit on the railroad tracks. This is important for securing the Hindu religion,” Avdeshpuri said.

The Ramayan Express, which started off its first outing recently, takes individuals to 15 spots related with the existence of Lord Ram. It covers a distance of more than 7,500km and takes travelers to Ayodhya, Prayag, Nandigram, Janakpur, Chitrakoot, Sitamarhi, Nasik, Hampi and Rameshwaram.