Isn’t it a boon to urge delicious food delivered at your doorsteps? With just a click, you place your order and find your favourite cuppa or pastry delivered to your home. Many folks think it gets even more amusing when food delivery agencies use a flying drone to drop food to our homes. However, air delivery can get a touch tricky if there are ravens nearby. A video from Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is doing the rounds on Internet for showing a tussle between a raven and a delivery drone. The drone is seen hovering within the sky when a raven, a bird slightly bigger than a crow, attacks it.
The video shows the bird preaching on the rear of the drone and wrestling with it for a few time. Then it starts pecking at the drone furiously. In such a situation, the drone drops the parcel from a height that’s over usual. After a long time, the bird flies away. The video was taken by Ben Roberts. He was awaiting his order via air delivery when he saw the raven attack the drone. He recorded the whole scene and uploaded it on YouTube.
Viewers were shocked by this turn of events. an individual was concerned about birds in these times of traffic. He wrote, “Finally people at large trouble birds during this way also… not giving space to birds to fly.”
Another viewer cracked a joke about the beverage that was being delivered. “Here’s your coffee, stirred… and shaken,” it read.
According to reports, the delivery drone company had to pause its operation in some parts of the town thanks to such bird attacks on drones. The drone operator Wing, which works unitedly with tech giant Google, had to temporarily halt delivery services.
“As is common during nesting season, certain bird species demonstrate territorial behaviour and swoop at moving objects,” a spokesman was quoted as saying.