Most people have our mobile phones attached to our bodies like an additional limb. While we’ve got all been told to urge off the phone and reduce screen time a minimum of once in our lives, it’s holding onto the phone that saved a citizen’s life in Brazil. And, might we add, this man was having no ordinary brush with death. the person in question was a victim of an holdup in Brazil recently. He was shot at during the incident, but the bullet only grazed past his hip. This happened because much of the impact was borne by a five-year-old Motorola smartphone that stopped the bullet.
the best a part of this story is that the G5 phone which turned saviour for the day also had an out of this world Hulk phone case thereon.

As per the Daily Mail, the attempted robbery occurred in an exceedingly geographic region of the municipality of Petrolina, within the northeast of the country on October 7. The victim was admitted to the University Hospital within the city of Petrolina.

The images of the phone were posted on social media by Pedro Carvalho, one in all the doctors who was reaching to the victim. While shootouts at armed robberies often cause tragic deaths and irreversible damage, doctors saw that during this case, it had been the phone that absorbed most of the bullet’s impact.
In the pictures shared by Pedro Carvalho, the phone are often seen with a badly shattered screen. The Hulk phone cover, however, looked nearly as good as new. Sharing the images, the doctor wrote a note that translates to, “Patient was admitted to the ER after being shot in an exceedingly robbery, and also the bullet ended up in his cell phone…” The tweet went viral on social media with 6,355 likes and many retweets.
While the identity of the person wasn’t revealed, the doctor said that he was doing fine and was sent home. Mr Carvalho confirmed, in a tweet, that several people had been asking about the patient. The doctor said that he had a “small bruise” and was discharged from the hospital.
This is not the primary time a phone has saved an individual from a bullet. some years ago, a person in Taiwan survived a gunshot because of a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 smartphone that took a bullet for him.
The man was shot within the arm but the bullet was blocked by the phone in his shirt pocket, preventing it from reaching his chest. While the person was reported to be out of danger, the phone was beyond help.