While Lucknow is engulfed in a COVID disaster, an incident at the city’s KT Oxygen Filling Station in Chinhat has drawn the attention of the entire city. On Wednesday at 3:30 p.m., while being reloaded at the hospital, an oxygen cylinder exploded, resulting in tumultuous circumstances. Authorities quickly took care of the situation, implementing a recovery scheme to assist those affected by the explosion, and an investigation was launched.

“Three people have died, and six others were injured in the explosion which took place while refilling an oxygen cylinder. Two injured persons are admitted at Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, while four are undergoing treatment at the trauma centre of KGMU. I have visited the explosion site, RML Hospital and KGMU trauma centre. The injured are being the best medical treatment free of cost,” District Magistrate of Lucknow, Abhishek Prakash, told PTI

The city is struggling with an increased number of serious or seriously ill COVID patients as a direct result of higher infection rates. Almost all of these patients need oxygen treatment, which will save their lives if administered at the right time. Given these conditions, people flock to the processing stations and refilling stations in droves.

Many people were present at the centre when the explosion occurred. After arriving on the scene, the DM expressed his condolences for the tragic incident and promised that all concerns relating to the explosion will be thoroughly investigated by the technical teams. He stated that five people were wounded and that three deaths had been confirmed at the scene up to this stage. Many of the injured people were rushed to hospitals right away and are receiving the medical attention they need.

Once the cause of the accident is known, it is important for retailers at oxygen stations in the city to pay attention to it and be vigilant in order to avoid such incidents in the future. To prevent any mishaps during these difficult periods, all necessary steps must be taken.