Yes! We’re talking about Jeff Bezos. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at number one in Forbes list of the richest people of the year 2018.

According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos’s total assets were recorded at approximately $ 112 billion. Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of e-commerce company Amazon.  Earlier, Bloomberg has placed Bezos at the top in the list of the richest people. Bill Gates occupies second place in Forbes’ list of 2018 richest people released. His total assets are estimated to be $ 90 billion.

Jeff Bezos’s full name is Jeff Preston Bezos. Jeff was born on January 12, 1964. Bezos is an American Internet entrepreneur and investor. was launched as the company in 1994. Jeff’s annual salary is Rs 50 lakhs. Jeff works in open space.

Jeff Bezos’s love story: Jeff Bezos’s wife, Mackenzie Bezos, cooperated with him at every step. Jeff and Mackenzie’s first meeting took place in the investment manager company DE Shaw in the 90’s. Jeff was the Vice President there and Mackenzie a Research Associate. Jeff took MacKenzie’s first interview. Only a few days after getting in the job, both became neighbors. After which their friendship became deeper. McKenzie had told Vogue: ‘I used to hear his fantastic laugh all day. How would you not love anyone with that laugh? ‘

Lived in 1-Bedroom Flat:

It is also said that after establishment of Amazon in America in Seattle, the couple struggled a lot. By 1999, both of them spent their lives in a rented one bedroom flat. Today they have their homes in five US cities.

He was born as poor:

Jeff is still one of the richest person in the world but in his life there was a time when he had a lack of money. When he was 4 years old, his parents got divorced. The financial condition of his family was not up to the mark at that time. After divorce, his mother married someone else. Jeff was raised at his maternal grandparents house.