Nagapattinam (Tamil Nadu): In a primary school here, a sweeper sensed the matter of adding poisonous substances to the water tank on behalf of unknown evil elements during the time. This averted a potential accident.

Nagammalwas honored during the Republic Day celebrations held at Panchayat Union School in North Maruthur, near Vedraniyam in district. After reaching school on Thursday, the cleaner opened one tap, then the color of water seemed strange to him. Dementia was also coming from the water. He immediately told the Principal Vidyavell, who informed the police. The police saw a box of chloroacetinylid herbicide near a thousand liters of water tank. This made him suspect that some mischievous elements mixed the substance in water. Recognizing the remarkable works of Nagamal, it was decided to honor it. Health department officials said that if this contaminated water went into the body of any person, it would have adverse effects on many things including its nervous system and it could also prove to be fatal.