Police shot one of four men accused of gangraping a Class 10 student in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh when he and his accomplice tried to flee detention while being taken to court.

Lakhan and Vikas were arrested earlier today and were being transported to court when they grabbed a gun from one of the officers protecting them and attempted to escape, according to police.

The two were then pinned down near Kapsad village in an altercation involving a team from Meerut Police’s Surveillance Department and officers from the Sardhana Police Station, according to police. Lakhan opened fire, only to be shot in the leg by police in the crossfire.

“Both accused were being taken to court today when they tried to flee by taking a police officer’s pistol. A search warrant was issued, and the accused opened fire on officers. We retaliated with shooting, and Lakhan was hit in the leg “Superintendent of Police (Rural), Keshav Kumar, said.

Both suspects have been apprehended again, and Lakhan is receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.

On Thursday, the young girl was reportedly kidnapped by four men (two of whom are still on the loose); her family still claims she was compelled to drink a radioactive drug, which resulted in her death.

According to a family member’s FIR, she left home about 3.30 p.m. and returned by 5.15 p.m., when she told her parents of the attack and abuse.

According to the FIR, the girl was rushed to the hospital but died whilst receiving treatment.

Police in Meerut have filed rape and other charges against the teen, but they have also discovered a  suicide note from her house. The police have confirmed that all potential angles are being investigated.

“We filed a report and went to the scene as soon as we got a complaint. We discovered a suicide note at the girl’s house, naming a man named Lakhan and others. Two suspects have been apprehended. Lakhan, the key perpetrator, used to go to a tuition class with the girl “Mr. Kumar explained.