Creating history, GS Lakshmi became the first female match referee appointed by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Portrait of GS Lakshmi of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team from 24 June, 1999.
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Creating history, Indian GS Lakshmi became the first female ever to be appointed as match refree by the ICC International Panel of Match Referees.

Lakshmi’s appointment comes days after Claire Polosak became the first woman umpire to stand in men’s ODI earlier this month.

Lakshmi first officiated in domestic women’s cricket in 2008-09, and has overseen three women’s ODI matches and three women’s T20I matches.

“To be selected in the international panel by the ICC is a huge honour for me as it opens up new avenues,” Lakshmi said.

“I have had a long career as a cricketer in India and also as a Match Referee. I hope to put my experience both as a player and as a match official to good use on the international circuit,” explained Lakshmi.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ICC, officials at the BCCI, my seniors in the cricketing circuit, my family and colleagues who have supported me over the years. I hope to live up to their expectations by doing my job to the best of my ability, she added.

Australia’s Eloise Sheridan has also joined Polosak on the ICC Development Panel of Umpires, rising the number of women on that panel to an eight.

Lauren Agenbag, Kim Cotton, Shivani Mishra, Sue Redfern, Mary Waldron and Jacqueline Williams are the other women officials on that panel. The first woman on the ICC Development Panel of Umpires was Kathy Cross, who retired last year.

Eloise Sheridan said, “As a player, cricket allowed me to travel, meet wonderful people and share a mutual love for the game. It is great now to be able to continue my involvement in cricket in a different role, and give something back to the game that has been such a big part of my life.”

“I couldn’t take up opportunities like this without the continued support of the South Australian Cricket Association and Cricket Australia, as well as my very understanding partner,” she added.

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